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Reversible Plogh Cultivator Chisel Plough Raft Loader Thresher Trailer Generator Set

All the directors of Trishul mini tractor are belongs to farmer’s community and believe that if the farming of India success then the country will success because Indian economy is totally depends on agriculture.

Mini Tractor concept is new for India. Mission of company is to develop the same. Now the land holding of marginal/small farmers are incising in the country and land is becoming small and small. Traditional agriculture practice of Indian farmer’s does’ not match for high breed modern crops for better production without mechanized farming. The vision of the company is to help small and marginal farmer’s to co-operative modern farming for high production quality crop and better life style, which is not possible without mechanized farming. The first prime minister quoted in 1962 that IF THE INDUSTRIES WILL SUCCESS THEN COUNTRY MAY SUCCESS BUT IF THE AGRICULTURE WILL SUCCESS THEN THE COUNTRY WILL DEFINATELY INDIA WILL SUCEESS. This quotation was given after the second five year plan of our indepence of our country.

Trishul Mini Tractor Company is made by the farmer’s and for the farmers.

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